Steven Cheyne Photographer
Racewall 2015

Cowdenbeath Racewall 2015, Domestic

Drama continues at Racewall with a big crash in the BriSCA F2s on the pit bend in Heat 1. Marc Fortune gained his first final win of the season tipping White & Yellow winner Dan Moss. Luke Grief managed a final win in the Saloons after all the spinning and shunting going on beforehand.

The Stock Rods always seem to give incredible fast paced action, even though they are non contact they certainly do entertain. With their World Championship being held at Racewall this season, there will most likely be much more to come from the drivers.

Race Details
TrackCowdenbeath Racewall
LocationFife, Scotland
Final Wins
BriSCA F2Marc Fortune
SaloonLuke Grief
ORCi Stock RodSteven Alexander
ProstockTam Melrose