Steven Cheyne Photographer
Racewall 2015
Siamese Banger Racewall Debut

Cowdenbeath Racewall 2015, Siamese Banger Racewall Debut

Craig Wallace showing some good performance in the F2 after winning two heats and a 2nd place. Dennis Middler also showing off his new car. Euan Millar vs Steven Burgoyne continues with Millar getting the better of Burgoyne this time around as. Stock Rod drivers providing some close racing with Michael Bethune taking a couple wins as James Matson and Leon Stewart have to settle for second place.

The Siamese Bangers debut on the night and showed some interesting racing where one driver steers and the other driver works the gears, throttle and brakes. Some found it difficult not to topple over, they will appear again later in the month for their Scottish event. Rookie Bangers were also back in small numbers to entertain.

Race Details
TrackCowdenbeath Racewall
LocationFife, Scotland
Final Wins
BriSCA F2Craig Wallace
MinistoxEuan Millar
ORCi Stock RodMichael Bethune
Siamese BangerGrant McGowan
Rookie BangerGrant McGowan