Steven Cheyne Photographer
Racewall 2015

Cowdenbeath Racewall 2015, BriSCA F2 Season Debut

The 2L Bangers seem to struggle at the Racewall domestic meetings but those who do turn up still can put on a show. Mark Dalgarno was the driver to beat, taking all heats and the Destruction Derby. Saloons are back as Stuart Shevill Jnr wins the final, Graham Swan & Brian Allen sharing the 1300 Stock Car wins and John Mason winning the majority in the Prostocks.

The Shevills were also testing their new F1 ambitions by getting some laps in around the track. Are they leaving the Saloons for good? The knowledge that Graeme would rather get a few titles under his belt in the Saloons first leads you to believe they arn't making the move until much later, at least not this year.

Race Details
TrackCowdenbeath Racewall
LocationFife, Scotland
Final Wins
BangerMark Dalgarno
SaloonStuart Shevill Jnr
1300 Stock CarGraham Swan
ProstockJohn Mason