Steven Cheyne Photographer
Racewall 2015
Saloon European

Cowdenbeath Racewall 2015, Saloon European Championship

The schedualed Saloon European event had tragic overtones following the devastating death of young driver Keir Millar. For this event in tribute to him, all drivers painted their bumpers gold in honour of his life and his World Cup win in the Ninja Karts. Special Keir Millar Tribute races were held for the ORCi Stock Rods and Lightning Rods who were not originally billed to race at the event but were added to show their individual support.

Eddie Darby became the European Champion after an action packed race, other winners included Deane Mayes and Paul Honeyman. In the F2s Chris Burgoyne took the final heat with other winners were Dennis Middler and Robbie Dawson. In the Keir Millar tribute races, Graham Mackin won for the Lightning Rods and Jim Pitcaithly for the Stock Rods

Race Details
TrackCowdenbeath Racewall
LocationFife, Scotland
Date16-05-2015 - 17-06-2015
Final Wins
SaloonEddie Darby
BriSCA F2Chris Burgoyne
1300 Stock CarGraham Swan
Lightning Rod RFKGraham Mackin
ORCi Stock Rod RFKJim Pitcaithly